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15+ Expert Travel Bloggers & Marketers Share Action Strategies & Case Studies To Help You Use Digital Marketing To Increase Your Revenue, Traffic & Engagement.

Last year we helped 200+ travel bloggers take the next step in their blog monetization journey

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Do you struggle with these travel blogging issues?

  • I want to make money / more money with my blog

    Learn how to turn readers and brands into customers. With TBMS top bloggers share their proven strategies.

  • Marketing is “salesy” - I want to make money without selling

    Learn modern marketing techniques that provide value, engage readers, make sales and give your blog a more professional edge without being “salesy”.

  • Travel blogging seems to involve so many skills to learn - I’m feeling overwhelmed

    Avoid burnout by only focusing your energy on the specific skills that will convert your blog from travel journal to professional business. TBMS will guide you through only the most essential skills.

  • I want my blog to be seen as professional so brands will hire me and readers will see me as an authority

    Look like a pro from day one. Learn the tools and techniques you need to come across as a six-figure blogger as soon as you launch (or re-launch).

TBMS Will Help You Solve These Problems

Email, Social & Content Marketing Are The Essential Cornerstones Of Successful Online Business.

Learn How To Apply These Methods Yourself To Build A Thriving Blog Business That Can Support Your Ideal Travel Lifestyle.

Virtual Summit 2017 Divides Core Marketing Skills Into 3 Modules

Social Media Marketing:

Don't Just Be Social - Make Social Work For You

  • Rapidly increase your social following by thousands in a few months using proven methods from successful travel bloggers.

  • Learn how to leverage your social accounts to monetize your audience - even without a huge following.

  • Discover how to get more top influencers to share your content - no matter how small your blog is.

Content Marketing & Funnels:

Get More Readers And Turn Them Into Customers

  • Learn advanced marketing skills from scratch, to wow your visitors and make your blog content and portfolio stand out from a sea of amateurs.

  • Stand out from other blogs by defining your niche. Learn how to construct a streamlined content plan that will build your authority as an expert.

  • Learn how to design your own marketing "funnels" to get more readers to your site, to subscribe, follow and eventually make you money!

Email Marketing:

Email Is Still The Most Powerful Way To Increase Revenue - Learn To Do It Right

  • Learn how you can quickly & easily set up a profitable email marketing campaign without any prior knowledge, using strategies from bloggers who are seeing genuine financial results - even with very few subscribers.

  • Gain the knowledge to rapidly grow subscribers through a targeted acquisition & blog content plan. Create revenue generating email sequences that readers will be excited to receive.

  • Discover the super-advanced, yet easy to implement, automations that save you time and personalise user experience while also increasing revenue.

After TBMS 2017 You Will Walk Away With A Detailed Understanding Of How Marketing Can Transform Your Travel Blog.

As Well As Creating A Specific, Personalised Action Plan To Implement Over The Coming Months.

Brand New To Blogging?

We have packages to suit beginners who don't have a blog yet, all the way to advanced bloggers earning over $2,000 a month and looking to grow their income.

Keep reading for more details.

Benefits of Getting Summit Replays

  • Access 20+ hours of goal focused material, spread over 3 modules

    Modules include: Content Marketing & Funnels, Email Marketing, Social Media Growth & Marketing) – everything you need to know to start marketing your blog like the pros.

  • Hear directly from 15+ expert speakers consisting of pro travel bloggers and online marketers

    learn exactly what works for the biggest names right now in 2017.

  • Facebook community discussions

    join the conversation and get answers from us, speakers and other bloggers.

  • See behind the scenes of real six-figure travel blog successes with multiple case studies

    go beyond theory and find out what it takes to turn your blog into a thriving business.

  • Use our templates to create your own personalized strategy worksheet during each module

    define an actionable plan for your blog’s path to success

  • Our carefully planned module structure logically takes you through the three core marketing topics

    rapidly progress from novice to advanced without getting sidetracked by irrelevant information.

  • Straight-to-the-point information and strategies

    save hundreds of hours searching online for relevant material and apply specific marketing tactics to your blog immediately.

  • Ideal for beginners or any bloggers earning less than $1,000 a month

    learn exactly what you need to do to drive up your income in a shorter period of time.

  • Lifetime access and unlimited replays

    check back in whenever you want to solidify your new knowledge

Testimonials From TBMS 2017

  • The travel blog summit is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time! I would like to be able to say that Tommo & Megsy taught me this one specific thing that I have now implemented with wild success, but I’m just starting out. So I’m gonna be honest with you- Tommo & Megsy have taught me everything. I had always wanted to take my blogging to the next level, but I didn’t really know what “the next level” was or how to get there, or what I would find when I arrived. Because of this course, I now have a plan. I have tangible goals. I decided to scrap all my old stuff and start over- so I’m in the process of launching my first “real” travel blog- complete with a brand and everything! I don’t know how far I’ll be able to take this new business of mine, but I know for a hard fact that if it wasn’t for Tommo & Megsy I wouldn’t even be considering the journey. Thanks guys for all the hard work!
    Name Savannah Cheri Foster Savvvi Scouts
  • This summit is the best money I have spent on my blog. I learned so many strategies, and was converted from someone who didn’t want an email campaign, to being ready to set one up. More importantly, it is the little things, the tiny day to day tips that save me time, and increase my visibility. Thanks Tommo and Meg for pulling this together.
    Name Rhonda Sachs Albom Albom Adventures
  • This year's Travel Blog Online Monetization Summit was AWESOME! Tommo & Megsy put together amazing content and great speakers who were more than wililng to share the secrets of their success. The website was set up to help us each assess where we are in our blogging careers, what topics we should focus on, what we've completed and what's left to do. My favorite feature was having it set up with one topic covered at a time, allowing time to complete the module for each. The supporting materials and links really helped. Best money I’ve spent on training in a long time!
    Name Amy Stark Travelling Broad
  • I've been working to create a solid travel blog concept for close to year, trying to hash out all the details and get all my ducks in a row. I’ve looked at other programs, but this is the first that's advertised - and actually provided - exactly what I've been looking for.
    So thank you for giving us clear, actionable steps and super solid videos that provide useful information, and not a simple rehash of stuff I'd already figured out ages ago. This is real info from people that have been there, done that
    Name Allison Yeager

Success Stories

  • Last year’s summit helped me strongly define my blog brand which in turn led to my being approached by a media company offering me both expense paid, and actual payment for reviewing properties and training their team members. Matt Gibson’s talk and templates were invaluable for helping me understand how to price and negotiate these services.
    Annette Jones Annette Jones World Travel Tribe
  • Learning how to improve my affiliate marketing has already resulted in an increase in revenue which has paid back the price of joining the summit, many times over! After performing a stocktake on old content that I updated using tips from the SEO talks, I was thrilled to see many key posts shoot to #1 on google and a corresponding increase in traffic.
    Julie Dawn Fox Julie Dawn Fox Julie Dawn Fox In Portugal
  • Scott Eddy’s talk gave us the much needed push to really pursue monetizing our blog. We’ve seen some great results even though we only blog part time. Although we were brand new to blogging in 2016, the SEO talks have seen us grow domain authority from zero to 23, and we’ve also seen a consistent traffic increase over time from targeting specific keywords.
    The pitching course and campaigns module helped us save over $1,000 on our big trip last year, as well as building our experience working with brands. Across the board, speakers shared their strategies with full transparency which gave us a real insider view of an industry we were only just starting out in.
    Carrick Buss Carrick Buss Along For The Trip
  • I joined the 2017 summit and have gone from 40 email subscribers ever, to 170 since commencing the email marketing module just 3 weeks ago.
    There is so much practical information in this summit that I now have a massive list of over 40 tasks that I am going to implement.
    I have learned so much. Its incredible! How to write better headlines, how to market my content, how to use affiliate links, how to engage with brands, setting up an email funnel and email sequences – and it goes on and on!
    Melissa Delaware Melissa Delaware Thrifty Family Travels

Learn From These Industry Experts


Geert Leysen Geert Leysen, Inspiring Travellers

A lot of travel bloggers go to TBEX for learning how to monetize their blog, I can honestly say that the Travel Blog Summit offers a lot more insights and practical advice for your buck.

Marie-France Roy Marie-France Roy, Big Travel Nut

I got more information regarding blog-related monetization techniques in the Travel Blog Monetization Course than in any other course or conference I've invested in over the last 3 years. It's definitely the best value for money. You can do it all in the comfort of your home, and then go over the materials as many times as you want!

Andrea Whitaker Andrea Whitaker, Andi on Adventure

As a beginning blogger, I found this summit to be incredibly beneficial. I had been struggling trying learn all of the monetizing aspects and was feeling totally lost. I didn't know what I didn't know...and that was a lot! This summit really helped me focus and gave me hope that it's possible to turn my blog into a business. Thank you!!

Carlie Galloway Carlie Galloway, A Cajun In Cali

Within minutes of starting the first video I was blown away by the content! I cannot say enough about the value of this course and would pay double what I paid just to get this much-needed education! A huge thanks to Tom & Megs for sharing their knowledge and time!

Kerri McConnel Kerri McConnel, Beers & Croissants

I am literally up to my eyeballs in notes, actions, things to think about. Best course I've ever been on and I'm only on module 2. Well done

Elizabeth (Liz) Smith Elizabeth (Liz) Smith, Peanuts or Pretzels

Travel Blog Summit has been by far the most useful travel blogging / digital nomad course that we have attended. It's well organized, fabulously thought out, professional, and full of useful and practical information

Josh Bender (2016 Speaker) Josh Bender (2016 Speaker), Travel With Bender

The content covered in Travel Blog Monetization Summit by real-life expert travel bloggers is priceless. I wish I had access to all this when I started my travel blogging career. It will help beginners leapfrog their competition, and experienced bloggers are sure to find golden nuggets that will take their businesses to the next level

Gemma Hilton-Tapp Gemma Hilton-Tapp

The thing I love and respect about you both (Tommo & Megsy), is that you provide so much actionable information. Most other courses give broad tips, but you go the extra mile to provide clear examples, lots of detail and most importantly, actionable steps that we can take to achieve that goal. Very few other courses I've taken do that to the same level and quality that yours does!

I think that if someone buys only one course during their blogging career, it should be this one

Ready To Get Started?

No two blogs are the same - So we have 3 packages to match your specific learning needs

Why are we offering these packages?

Still getting your travel blog off the ground? We created these packages for you.

While the summit is perfect for bloggers of all levels, as a beginner you will want to get to grips with all the other crucial elements of building a successful blog - you may not even have your blog online yet. Get the extra knowledge you need, alongside the marketing strategies in the 2017 summit.

Read on to find out what's covered in these two extra packages and choose the one that’s right for your level.

[Package 2]

Summit 17 + Monetization Course

For Your Blog To Make Money... You Need A Monetization Strategy.

15 More Guest Speakers Share Theirs

See Inside The Travel Blog Monetization Course Area


Included with the "Monetization Course" (Package 2)

Our 6 core modules represent 6 of the most important topics that affect the success of every full time travel blogger out there! Each module runs from foundation to advanced.

Guest Speakers

The Course Includes 16 Guest Speaker Talks - Click To See The Full List +

Janet Murray - Media Exposure Professional (BBC, Forbes, Daily Mail, Guardian etc)

Scott Eddy - Top 5 Social Media Influencer In Travel

Megan Jerrard - Full Time Blogger (Sponsorships)

Yeison Kim - Zero To $6k Per Month In 2 Years From Travel Blog Affiliate Sales

Chris Stevens - Full Time Blogger & Entrepreneur (Sponsorships)

Natalie Sisson - 6 Figure Location Independence Business Consultant

Matt Gibson - President Of The Professional Travel Bloggers Association

Heather Lopez (I Love Family Travel) - Full Time Blogger With Multiple Brands (Branding Expert)

Nora Dunn - Full Time Freelance Writer & Travel Blogger

Josh & Erin Bender - Australia's Biggest Family Travel Blog

Gloria Antanmo (Blog Abroad) - Travel Blogger & Multi Viral Huff Post Contributor

Nick & Dairece (Goats On The Road) - Full Time Travel Bloggers (Affiliate Sales)

Tim Leffel - Award Winning Writer & Top 50 Travel Blogger

Christina Tunnah - World Nomads Insurance Regional Manager (Affiliate Sales)

Nat & Rob (Love & Road) - Full Time Travel Bloggers (Tourism Campaigns)

Tommo & Megsy (Food Fun Travel) - Full Time Bloggers (Affiliates Sales & SEO) - Also Your Hosts For This Course

Get Summit 2017 + The Monetization Course

[Package 3]


Added Inclusions with the "Fast Track" Package 3

Perfect For Complete Beginners

All content from Summit 2017 & Monetization Course above.
Plus 2 additional beginner courses.

  • 1

    How To Start A Pro Travel Blog

    Your step-by-step checklist for starting (or fixing) your travel blog

From defining your brand, to building your site and growing a monetizable audience.

Skip the mistakes most bloggers make.

Imagine having a checklist for starting your blog the right way, or that you could use to audit your current blog and fix the problems that are holding you back. With detailed explanations of every step to help you identify exactly what you need to do to make your blog work.

Even if you already started a blog, being able to go back and check off the things you have already done, being able to see if you completed those steps correctly, or if you missed a step… That would help you get peace of mind you are on the right track, as well as help you move forward with the tasks that still need work and fix up the things that aren't working (But maybe you don't realise aren't working).

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Put together a functioning, professional travel blog with monetization strategies built in from day 1.

  • 2

    Pitching Masterclass

    Step by step training on forming your first brand partnerships

Learn how to exchange blog content for complimentary trips. Get our tried & tested pitching templates.

Secure your first unpaid campaigns. Learn how to pitch brands for barter / exchange based campaigns where you exchange blogger content for free experiences, hotels, products, etc.

Includes "Fill in the blanks" pitching templates and detailed guidance on every element of getting into unpaid campaigns - your stepping stone to paid campaigns.

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Step by step training to go from complete novice to pitching pro. Grow your travel resumé by working with brands. Also, learn how to build your own custom press trips.

  • 3

    Travel Blog Monetization Course

    The Monetization Strategies That Are Working Best For Bloggers

6 Modules featuring the most important travel blogger monetization success strategies:

1. Affiliate Sales - Create a passive income & earn while you sleep

2. Branding - Because blogs that make more sense, make more money

3. Sponsorship - Get your blog & projects sponsored

4. Freelance Writing & Media Exposure - Get paid to write / Get major press

5. Paid Campaigns - Get paid to work with brands / tourism boards

6. SEO - Because targeted content + traffic = money

This course features 16 expert speakers

More Info About This Course

  • 4

    Travel Blog Virtual Summit 2017

    MARKETING: Get More Readers & Turn Them Into Customers

3 Modules, as explained at the top of this page

1. Content Marketing & Funnels - Use targeted content to turn readers into customers

2. Email Marketing - Optimize and automate your sales and engagement process

3. Social Media Marketing - Grow your followers, reach and traffic.

15 Expert travel bloggers & online marketers share the best ways to use marketing to grow your revenue & traffic.

Attend live session & get lifetime replays.

Get The Fast Track (Package 3): Summit 2017 + Monetization Course + Start A Blog Course + Pitching Masterclass


Included With All Packages

Choose from our three packages depending on where you are in your blogging.
Remember, with all of the packages you get the following:

  • Stay On Track

    Tick off and track lesson progress

  • Industry Experts

    Top influencers openly share their monetization methods

  • Facebook Group

    Get questions answered by us and the community

  • Email Support

    Get tech problems fixed by emailing us direct

  • Mobile Friendly

    Simple training interface works on all devices

  • Easy Payment

    Pay securely with Paypal (Major Credit cards accepted – no paypal account req’d)

  • Lifetime Access

    One off payment for complete, unlimited course access

  • 100% Top Rated

    Tried and tested course with proven success

money back logo

30 Day Guarantee

We are 100% confident you are going to walk away happy with what you learn.

But, for your peace of mind we also have a 30-day, FULL refund policy. If you don’t get the value that you expected from the summit, we’ll give you your money back.

More Happy Clients...

Thomas Levine Thomas Levine, Travel Food Health

This summit has changed my thinking and business plan. It has been the single most valuable thing I have done to make my blog work. From using the SEO section I have been watching my traffic go up day by day when before I completely failed in that category.

Richelle Gamlam Richelle Gamlam , Adventures Around Asia

Compared to other courses like Travel Blog Success and talks at TBEX, I’ve found this course to be way more value for the money you spend. Since attending Travel Blog Summit I’ve noticed an increase in affiliate sales and I got invited on my first press trip!

Lindsay Niemenen Lindsay Niemenen, Carpe Diem Our Way

This [2016] summit was a GOLDMINE of information from bloggers who are out there DOING IT! Speakers are not hypothetical, they are open, honest and sharing their successes!

Sarah Hughes Sarah Hughes, Live Dream Discover

Just finished listening to your [Goats On The Road] Summit talk with the awesome Megsy and Tommo hosting, and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your insights and tips so freely. I am inspired and excited to grow my own affiliate sales! I've been blogging for 2 years and have decided this is the year I get serious and really start monetizing!


When is the summit happening?

The summit runs 19th April to 16th May. Talks will be spread out over 4 weeks with content being released in batches that allows you to truly consume the content, and even start to implement the things you’ve learned, before moving onto the next group of talks. Discussion and Q&A for talks will take place in the private Facebook group as well as during scheduled Q&A webinars.

I don’t have a blog / audience. Will this summit / course work for me?

If you are new to blogging, it’s actually the ideal time to get blogger training. Having the opportunity to understand how to build a profitable blog from the ground up is going to save you sooooo much time in the long run. Get it right first time and you won’t have to spend months or more fixing past mistakes. Package 3 is the best option for newbies.

I already tried to monetize, but it didn’t work.

This is why we enlisted top speakers for this summit and course – people who are making travel blog monetization work. The proven methods that you will learn are better than any free resources you’ll find online. Most new members start to see what they were doing wrong previously, and those who put the time in start to see results.

What if i change my mind after purchase, or the talks are not what I expect?

We are confident you will find value way beyond the ticket price. If you don’t feel you have, we’ll happily send you a 100% refund so long as you notify us within 30 days of purchase.

How long will the summit / course take to complete?

We estimate,

Summit 2017: 22 Hours

Monetization Course: 28 Hours

Start A blog Course: 3 Hours training + Implementation time (that’s down to you!)

Pitching Masterclass: 10 Hours

Compared to the amount of hours we put in to become successful bloggers, this is no time at all. We just didn’t have access to a step-by-step, actionable set of courses back when we started.

You get lifetime access, so take all the time you need to complete the training. But we recommend committing 5 hours per week to see rapid results.

How long are the training videos?

The main guest speaker talks are each 45 to 75 minutes.

How long will it take me to monetize my blog?

This depends on how much time you put in, how closely you follow the training material and how much traffic and audience you already have.

If you already have a solid audience then you could be making more money the second you implement changes.

But, as a newbie, do everything right and it’s actually possible to make money from the day you launch your first blog. However, that is a best case scenario and very rare for newbies.

If you make a concerted effort to follow the training, launch your blog and implement the monetization strategies then it is realistic to see some income within 6 months. Then grow from there.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a model for building a sustainable online business. Currently we are not aware of any travel blogger, whether from this course, or learning on their own, ever going from zero to full time income in less than 12 months. There is no such thing as overnight success – most who proclaim it, already had a lot of business experience before launching new ventures.

This sounds like a lot of content, I don't know if I have time to study it all?

The summit and courses are broken up into modules, each module into sections and each section into bitesize lessons. Mastering any topic takes time but breaking up the learning and being able to easily track your progress automatically with our software will give you the best chance of staying focused and succeeding.

Furthermore, if you already put many hours into your blog, but are not seeing financial results… Stop! Stop wasting time on methods that are not working. Put that time into learning what really works instead.

Can I upgrade to a higher package after purchase?

YES. Upgrade options are available from summit to monetization course to fast track. The price is roughly the difference between the two packages. But may vary if you purchased originally at a discounted rate.

I have other questions not covered here

Feel free to email us anytime at tommo@travelblogsummit.com

We typically reply within 12 hours during business days.

Ready to turn your blog into a thriving business?