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Please check the FAQs before emailing us:

We are 100% committed to helping you. But we are a small team of 2 people and are not available 24 hours for support. If you have an issue we want to actively resolve it and will do so as quickly as possible. But we can only do that if you let us know. FIRST check below for an instant solution. If that does not answer your issue, then email us 🙂

The nature of the internet is such that some issues are beyond our control. We will do our best to find alternative solutions for users who have difficulty.

How do I purchase the course / Summit Access?

I can’t purchase the summit / purchase a course – purchase fails

I purchased & paid but did not get a welcome email or login details?

When does the summit start?

I Get an “Insufficient access” error

I can’t get the training videos to play

I can’t Login to the Monetization Member Zone / Pitching Masterclass?

I haven’t received any emails from you – or a password or login – after joining the free content.

I didn’t get a PASSWORD?

How do I join the Facebook group?

When are the live talks?

Why do I have to register for the live talks? I already have a ticket?

I can’t Attend A Live Talk


If none of the above – direct email here


How do I purchase the course / Summit Access?

Currently you have to be a registered user in order to purchase. Registration is FREE. You can register here.

Once you have been through the free welcome series, which is a training series of 15 minutes per day, for 4 days, you will have the option to join the full course.

Why do I have to complete the basic training series first?

We are focused on helping people succeed and we no longer take on students who aren’t motivated to build a business and make it work. If you are serious about changing your future and building an online business that can support your ideal travel lifestyle, then we’d LOVE to have you join our community and learn with us.

Work through the welcome series and learn how the Travel Blog Monetization Course can really help you – as well as learning some important foundations to what makes a travel blog successful. Then, if you are ready to transform your blog, follow the purchase instructions.

You can register FREE here.

I can’t purchase the summit / purchase a course – purchase fails

There are many reasons that a payment attempt can fail. Although this will only affect a small number of users, it is worth understanding the problem, rather than attempting the same process over and over.

common issues:

Safari Browser / Change Browser / Cookies

Certain browsers handle payment processors differently. Safari has a common issue with paypal payments. If your payment attempt does not work first time, try an alternative browser.

Paypal / Credit card errors

Errors 1 & 2 from this article are the most common problem when trying to pay with a credit card through paypal:

Common Payment Errors

If any of these issues may be affecting you, and you can’t resolve them from the instructions in the article, contact us for help by email below – we’ll organise an alternative payment method.

Other errors

Sometime your bank can reject payment simply as a part of fraud protection. If none of the above solutions work, please contact your bank.

I purchased & paid but did not get a welcome email or login details?

After clicking the final purchase button, paypal starts to send confirmation to our system. 99% of issues with finalising registration are due to users closing the paypal window before it finishes confirming the payment with our system. This can take up to 10 seconds after clicking the final payment button.

If this happens, the payment will have been taken from you but the membership registration will not complete and hence you will get no welcome email, and you will not be able to login to the member area.

FIRST: Wait at least 30 minutes for the welcome email, and check your spam folder.

If it does not arrive, email us at and we’ll get you registered manually.

It’s telling me I need a Paypal account to purchase? I want to pay with Credit Card

You can absolutely pay by credit card – When you get redirected to paypal to pay, you should see a button offering the option to pay by credit card. But we’ve noticed that in some countries (e.g Mexico, Indonesia etc.) that the option to pay by credit card doesn’t show up. In order to get around this issue we suggest using a VPN. Free VPN’s like Hola are a great option and mean you can easily by your ticket with credit card. Just load the VPN, set it to a country like Australia or USA, then click the checkout button again.

When does the summit start?

Travel Blog Virtual Summit 2017 ran from April 19th 2017 to May 16th. Content is available to paid members only.

The First summit ran from 13th April to 17th April 2016. All the original content is now available in course format. We will be periodically adding some new content. We’ll notify paid users by email when new content is released.

To access all the replays and our full monetization course find more info above in How do I purchase the course / Summit Access?

More summits are coming in the future! So watch out for email notifications on those too.


I Get an “Insufficient access” or “Ooops!” error

If you purchased a premium membership you do NOT automatically get access to all our other products and courses.

If you are trying to click through to content you did not purchase, you will get the insufficient access error. Full information on what you should be able to access with your membership level is listed at the bottom of the insufficient access page.

If you believe the content you are trying to access is something you paid for, but you still can’t access after logging in, please email us at tommo (at) and let us know what page is causing the error. Also provide the email you used to register.

You can get a full idea of which courses you have access to and which you don’t by accessing the main member index – courses you don’t have access to will be greyed out. Click them to see upgrade options. You must be logged in to access these pages.


I can’t get the training videos to play

Some browsers have trouble with playing vimeo videos (the software that hosts our videos). Sometimes the video will not display at all. Sometimes it will try to buffer over and over again.

If videos are absent or will not load, try using Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer. Also try updating your browser and video extensions to the latest versions.

If this does not solve the problem, please follow these instructions:

1. Visit
2. Select “Akamai” from the dropdown to the right of “CDN”
3. Restart your browser, then try viewing one of the troublesome videos again
If you still see an issue, please email us: tommo (at)

I can’t Login to the Monetization Member Zone / Pitching Masterclass?

There are a number of reasons you may not have access. If you did not get a password, see the next section. If you have a password, but can’t login, read this section.

  1. Wrong password. If your attempted login returns a failed password, please request a password reset at the login page.
  2. Your Pass Is not the right pass for Full access. If you are one of the people who pre-registered for the “FREE access” pass and decided not to upgrade to the full access pass, you will have limited access to resources. You can access resources in the FREE area only.
  3. You have exceeded your login requests. Automatic fraud prevention is setup to tackle users who share their password. You may be blocked if your login behaviour is unusual. Try again after 60 mins if you have been logging in a lot in a short period or from multiple devices.

If password reset and login does not give you access, please email us from the email address you used to pay for your pass.

I haven’t received any emails from you – or a password or login.

Reasons you have not got our emails:

  1. Your email service may send messages to a promotions folder, or even to spam. This is beyond our control and is down to the individual email service as to what it let’s you see, and what it doesn’t.

The ONLY way to insure you will receive important notification about joining live talks, and getting other bonus content is to Whitelist / Safelist our email.

In Gmail, Yahoo and outlook:

How to whitelist an email address with Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail

AOL, Hotmail/livemail, Thunderbird

If using a different email program, please google “how to whitelist in X” with the name of your email service.

Do this right away to avoid missing out on the content you have paid for!

2. Your email server is hard blocking our emails.

This is rare, but does happen. Your email server, for some reason, doesn’t want to accept emails from our server. Instead of putting them in spam, it causes them to “bounce” and not get to you at all.

We monitor bounces periodically and if we notice a paid member is bouncing, we’ll try and contact you to let you know about switching to an alternative email address. But it’s best to get in touch with us if you think something is wrong, to get a speedier solution.

3. You registered with an info@ email address, or other role based address (eg. marketing@, webmaster@)

The email system we use is designed to reject role based email addresses. This is because role base emails are often managed by multiple people, and this can cause issues if a person who did not sign up thinks they are getting spammed by us.

We have no control over this functionality. The only way to resolve the issue is for us to update your email to something else on our system.

If you registered or purchased using a role based email, contact us so we can fix the issue.

If none of these explain the issue, and you do not receive emails from us within 2 hours of purchase, feel free to contact us so we can investigate.

IF YOUR PAYMENT WENT THROUGH – please also read the above section: I purchased & paid but did not get a welcome email or login details?


I didn’t get a PASSWORD?

It is possible that even your login password went to spam – it can happen. If you did not receive a login and password within 2 hours of registering, Use the search feature on your email account to search for emails from zaxaa – the payment processing system we use.

If this search does not turn up any results, you can head to the login page, click “forgot password” and insert the email address you used to register (also try the one you used to pay with if the first does not work) and the system will send you a new password.

If password reset still does not get you a new password within 15 minutes, please email us at and we will provide you a password manually – IF YOUR PAYMENT WENT THROUGH – please also read the above section: I purchased & paid but did not get a welcome email or login details?


How do I join the Facebook group?

The monetization community group is only open to paid members ONLY. If you paid to join, there was a link in the welcome login information email, and an additional email sent shortly after introducing the group. If you did not get either of those emails, please see the section above about emails.

If you have requested to join the group, we approve manually so as to ensure all who register are paid members. This can take 72 hours.

If you did NOT enter the email address you use to login to facebook, at time of checkout, then you will need to email that to us: tommo (at) so we can add you to the secret group.

Please note, a second group called “Pitching Masterclass” is only open to fast track, ultimate and pitching masterclass customers.

When are the live talks?

If you are attending during the initial summit run – All original talks are already available for replay. You’ll be informed about Future live talks and future summits by email and on our website and facebook page.

Why do I have to register for the live talks? I already have a ticket?

Live talks are conducted through a webinar system that is external to the summit. You need to register in order to be on their system. If you already have a ticket to the summit then registration is totally free! You will receive an email once you register.

If you arrive to the summit late, you may not get to attend all the live talks, but replays will be available within about 7 days of the live date.

I can’t Attend A Live Talk

The summit is truly international and this means not every time zone will be ideal for every talk. We also have to schedule live talks around availability of speakers. All paid pass holders will have access to replays. Sadly we cannot schedule additional talk times for the same talks at this time. We have attempted to choose times that suit the majority of paid pass holders.

Once the summit has started, we can’t offer refunds only because of live talk timing not being suitable for you. We’ll announce live talk times before the summit begins and you are welcome to request a refund in advance and thereby forfeit all access to the summit. All of these talks will be available for replay and will therefore provide great value even if you cannot attend live.

If you are having trouble accessing the summit, or any other problems, please contact us at:



Refunds for Travel Blog Monetization Summit and course. 30 days from date of purchase – if you change your mind before the summit happens, or you didn’t find the content useful, we are happy to offer a full refund. Please contact us by email to let us know why you need the refund.

Email us to request refund to with the email address you used to purchase. We will issue refund asap.

If you purchased the post summit package (After April 17th 2016) for lifetime access after the live summit had finished, we can offer a 30 day refund from date of purchase. Just contact us by email to request the refund at
If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund.

Refunds can take up to 7 working days to process.

Late or missing refunds
If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account or paypal again.
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted.
Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time (up to 7 working days) before a refund is posted.
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at


These FAQs Haven’t Solved My Problem

If you cannot find an instant solution on this page, please contact us at