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If you have any trouble signing up for your account or activating your affiliate link, please watch the video on this page before contacting us.

Why Sign up?

We pay up to 30% depending on what product you are promoting.

We pay out at a low threshold of only $50USD, so you are more likely to get payouts every month, even if you only make a couple of sales each month.

We pay direct to paypal – making your life easy!

During last year’s launch period for the month of April 2016, affiliates made an Aff EPC of $1.04 – ie. if you send 100 people to our landing page, you can expect to earn $104 in actual affiliate profit – on average. With highly targeted leads, you could earn much more. With bad leads, you may earn zero, that’s the game…


When will I get paid?

After a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or coupon code the sale will be registered. After the refund period has ended (30 days) the affiliate transaction will be approved to your account. Your account will be paid out to paypal (So long as you are over the $50 threshold) at the end of each month.

You must ensure after signing up you add your payment paypal address to your zaxaa account both in to “paypal adaptive” and “paypal standard” boxes (Go to Settings -> Commission payout. Inside Zaxaa) – otherwise payments cannot be made.

How can I promote this?

Any form of social media or email marketing promotion would be perfect. Or just emailing friends and colleagues directly.

We provide sample tweets, social posts and emails swipe files so you can simply copy and paste what you need and get promoting instantly! It couldn’t be easier. At the bottom of the affiliate product page for each product there are some links to banner, text links and swipe content. Just jump in and grab it.

We will also be emailing you swipe content directly during our key promotional times.

IMPORTANT: We suggest using a link cloaker wordpress plugin like Thirsty Affiliates to setup a redirected url to this affiliate link. This will make the link look significantly cleaner – so you can have a simple link going via your own website.

Signup Instructions – Click Below to Signup

Use these links to apply to be an affiliate:

SIGNUP: Travel Blog Monetization Summit / Course (Full Price Membership – 30%)

After signing up to the zaxaa platform, make sure you click the “Request to promote” button for this product in order to be able to be registered to promote and to activate your affiliate links. Then log into the zaxaa dashboard to add your paypal address (to receive payments) and to get your affiliate link info.

Once registered for this primary product, your affiliate account should automatically allow you to promote all our products and receive commissions on sales.

Watch the video below for full instructions on signing up and getting your affiliate links.

Ensure when registering that you leave a note as to who you are and why you are a good fit to promote us. If you leave no information your request may get rejected.

If you have previously registered for one of our other affiliate programs, use the above link, login to your zaxaa account and then click the “Request to promote this product now” button and then we will manually approve you. If you do not request to promote, your commissions may not be registered.


Signing up to the affiliate program means you accept the terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All applications to this affiliate program are subject to our approval. We reserve the right to reject application, so ensure you put relevant info in your application so we know who you are.
  2. Affiliates will not use their affiliate code to buy our products for themselves. This will cause a zero commission and could potentially get you banned and all other commissions voided.
  3. Payments are made at the end of each month (approx 27th) direct to paypal. You must have reached the threshold of $50 for payment.
  4. Payments are eligible for payment 30 days after purchase (due to the refund policy). Once the payment is confirmed, you will be paid out at the next mass payment date (as listed above).
  5. If a customer refunds or does not pay their balance, the commission will be voided.
  6. Coupon codes that are connected to another affiliate account will take priority over affiliate links. So, you must check if the coupon code you are offering to customers is a general code, or a user specific code. Don’t promote user specific codes unless they belong to your account, or you do not want to receive commissions. If you are planning a specific promotion that will sell more than 20 units of any given product, contact us about the possibility of your own affiliate coupon code.
  7. All affiliate payouts are subject to approval. If we have reason to suspect a fraudulent transaction payments may be suspended while we investigate.
  8. Affiliate cookies last for 60 days in the user’s browser after they click an affiliate link. They must make the purchase from that browser for an affiliate sale to be recorded. Or click your link again immediately before purchasing if using an alternative browser. If the user clears the browser cache, cookies are lost. This is beyond our control, so no affiliate payment will be made in this case.
  9. If a user clicks multiple affiliate links from different members of this program, the most recent one will count as that is the one most likely leading directly to the sale.