How to build an audience where you reach 99.6% of followers

Whether you are new to blogging, or have years of experience, there is one thing that has affected all travel bloggers in a negative way over the last 5 years…

Social media reach and engagement – It’s going down!

When you post something on social – how many people see it? And How many actually interact with it?

Sad to say, even for the biggest blogs out there, it’s just a few percent of your audience who see each post and even less that engage.

So what if you had an audience with 99.6% reach and 20% – 50% engagement? That’d be better right?

Well, there is only one type of marketing that gets those results… Email Marketing.

If you don’t already use email marketing, or you use email but are a little lost as to how to make it effective, watch this video below!

(If you are already regularly using email marketing, and just want to get more subscribers, Click Here For a video on massively increasing subscriber rates)


Speaker: Alexis Teichmiller

Alexis is one of the lead experts from our preferred email marketing platform. Convertkit is email marketing designed specifically for bloggers (get a 30 day trial with our link). Alexis will be hosting an advanced level talk to take your email marketing out of the dark ages (I’m speaking to you, mailchimp users) and into the future.

Alexis is also travel/lifestyle blogger as well as the host of The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast. Helping entrepreneurs tell their story and grow their businesses are two of her biggest passions

Talking about:

Why Email Marketing Is Massively More Effective For Engaging Followers & Generating Revenue, Than Social Media…


Want to reach 99.6% of you followers with email, rather than 2% to 5% on social?
Want to learn how you can quickly & easily set up a profitable email marketing campaign without any prior knowledge?

TAKE THE NEXT STEP: By Attending the summit you will learn how to

Rapidly grow subscribers through a targeted acquisition & blog content plan

Create revenue generating email sequences that readers will be excited to receive

Discover automations that save you time, personalise user experience & increase revenue

  • And this is just a few of the things from the Email Marketing Module – Just the tip of the iceberg.

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