Niche Sites Made Easy (With 6 figure travel blogger Sharon Gourlay)

What if a simple website with just a few articles could earn you an extra $2,000+ per month? You could design and build this website in a just a few weeks, start seeing a passive income arrive in your bank every month and know you had enough extra money coming in that you could focus the rest of your time on your passion project (such as a travel blog).

Well, that’s exactly why adding a niche site to your online portfolio could make a huge transformation in your life.

What is your biggest challenge in building an online business?

Before Sharon Gourlay became a 6 figure travel, for her it was all about creating a business that didn’t need constant attention in order to make money. As a busy mother of 3, her goal was to make enough of her income passive (so it was income on auto-pilot) which would leave her the free time she wanted to take care of her family, and the rest of her time to work on more exciting projects – like her travel blog.

This is why Sharon built some low commitment niche sites on the side (and so did we) – to generate revenue to give her more financial freedom to work on other things and so she never had to go back to her regular job as a teacher.


Sharon Joins us for a live Webinar – Niche Sites Made Easy (With 6 figure travel blogger Sharon Gourlay)


In This Webinar You’ll learn:

  1. What exactly is a niche site? And what are the specific steps that make the difference between $0 a month, and a proper income.
  2. Why Sharon created 3 simple niche sites in order to make $5,300 per month from just two of them
  3. The 4 steps to a successful niche site – it’s simpler than you think, but you need to learn about these steps to get each of them right!
  4. Sharon reveals one of her secret niche sites! Go see for yourself how she’s been generating revenue.


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