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Learn How to Grow & Monetize Your Travel Blog

  • 25+ expert speakers (6 figure bloggers & online marketing pros)
  • 40+ hours of essential training (Interviews, Screencasts, Audio, Written)
  • Lifetime access to proven, actionable strategies for blog success
  • Create a thriving travel blog business you can run from anywhere

Get Results: Packages For Beginners & Intermediates

Brand new to blogging? Or just new to monetizing?

Go from zero to pro with our Fast Track Package.

Blog setup but making less than $1500 a month?

Turn pro with our Blogger Package.

Our courses are 100% focused on business

Branding, money, website traffic, marketing. The essential skills for transforming your creative passion for travel, into a full-time income.

Built to save you time & build your confidence

Skip the trial and error and just get the whole process laid out in one detailed, actionable course. Make the right decisions with confidence: Follow our tried and tested strategies.

  • As a beginner blogger, I found this course to be incredibly beneficial. Before I had been struggling trying to learn all of the monetizing aspects and was feeling totally lost. I didn't know what I didn't know...and that was a lot! This course really helped me focus and gave me hope!
    Name Andi Whitaker Andi on Adventure

  • The blogger course is set up to help us each assess where we are in our blogging careers, what topics we should focus on, what we've completed and what's left to do. Best money I’ve spent on training in a long time!
    Name Amy Stark Travelling Broad

Finally! Get detailed solutions to the key issues that separate amateur bloggers from the pros...

  • Implementing monetization methods that really work

    Learn how to turn readers and brands into customers. Proven methods that top bloggers use and how to implement them effectively.

  • Focusing on things which really make a difference

    We’ll guide you through all the most essential skills so you only focus on what matters and create a professional business sooner – including guiding you through the technology that makes blogs tick.

  • Getting the most out of your time

    Stop wasting time & making rookie mistakes. Instead, invest your precious time learning industry leading strategies in a structured system. Then follow what works to see progress & results sooner.

  • Creating a blog brand that stands out

    We’ll provide you with the tools and techniques you need to look like a six-figure blogger from day one and stand out as an authority. Create a blog that readers will genuinely care about.

What's In The Course?

We are 100% focused on providing actionable strategies to grow your travel blog business.

We'll help you create a blog brand that turns readers into loyal followers & customers. Be recognized by companies as a significant influencer and in turn, get paid for your expertise.

Whether your talents lie in writing, photography, videography or even something else, we believe that with the right approach and training, every course member can learn to break through the online noise and excel to a point where they will make a full-time income from travel blogging

Travel blog income isn’t about luck. Luck is Preparation Meeting Opportunity… So, be prepared for opportunity & create your own luck with the Travel Blog Monetization Course.

See Inside The Course

Marie-France Roy

I got more information regarding blog-related monetization techniques in the Travel Blog Monetization Course than in any other course or conference I’ve invested in over the last 3 years. It’s definitely the best value for money. You can do it all in the comfort of your home, and then go over the materials as many times as you want!

Marie-France Roy Big Travel Nut

The Travel Blog Monetization Course Provides Detailed Tuition On Implementing The 3 Elements Of The 'Travel Blog Profit Formula'


Planning, Developing & Branding

Learn the make-or-break foundations behind creating a professional travel blog. How to create a concept and develop it into something that will stand out. Design a blog brand that will position you as an authority to an audience of loyal fans and potential customers.

Course Modules:

Welcome / Orientation

  • Figure out where you are and what you need to do to get the most out of the course

How bloggers make money

  • Your foundation training to give you the big picture so you can start planning your own future success


  • How to find a niche with profit potential
  • Identify an audience who want to spend money
  • Create a brand that stands out and gets you followers that love what you do
  • Complete your own custom business plan with our templates

Monetization Strategy

Because Sustainable Income Isn’t Created By Accident.

Don’t just learn what pro bloggers do to make money. Learn exactly how to implement their strategies yourself using our step-by-step action plans.

Course Modules:

Affiliate Sales (Commission Generating Links)

  • The easiest way to monetizing a new blog from the start
  • OR monetize your current blog traffic immediately
  • Make money from things you recommend & write about

Sponsorships / Campaigns

  • Get paid everytime you post on your blog
  • Sell your photography, videography, writing,
    social media promotion and more to travel brands & tourism boards.

Monetize your writing by freelancing

  • Make your blog a portfolio & get paid for your writing
  • Make a name for yourself as a writer

Running a Tour Business

  • Create, sell & manage your own tours direct from your blog
  • Run your own tours as a guide

Marketing & Traffic

Let The World Know You Exist. Convert Readers Into Customers

Creating great content is only a small element of blogging, you need to be able to market that content so that the people who care actually get to see it. This section teaches you how to get seen by more readers even when you don't have a large audience.

Course Modules:

Content Marketing

  • Create shareable content that really matters to your target readers
  • Create content that generates revenue for your blog

Rank on Google

  • Detailed SEO video tutorials - Get your articles found

Mass Media Exposure

  • Get big traffic & recognition from world class publications

Social Media Essentials

  • Grow Your Followers

  • Get thousands of new visitors with powerful sharing techniques

Email Marketing

  • Grow a targeted email list, faster
  • Engage & sell to loyal followers directly to their inbox



= Profit

Branding + Monetization Strategy + Marketing = Travel Blog Profit

Make The “Travel Blog Profit Formula” Work For You.

Join Us To Access The Actionable Strategies That Can Make Your Blog A Pro Business

All Course Members Also Get:

  • 40+ Hours of Guest Speaker interviews & screencasts (Full list below)

  • Customizable templates. Create your own personalized strategy in each module & an action plan for your blog’s success path

  • Real six-figure travel blog case studies. Go beyond theory, find out what it takes to turn your blog into a thriving business

  • Actionable Tasks after each key section - Make progress in a structured way

  • Secret Facebook Group. Get answers to your questions from our speakers and members

  • Stay On track - tick off your progress as you complete each lesson

Savannah Cheri Foster

The Travel Blog Monetization Course is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time! I had always wanted to take my blogging to the next level, but I didn’t really know what “the next level” was or how to get there, or what I would find when I arrived. Because of this course, I now have a plan. I have tangible goals.

Savannah Cheri Foster Savvi Scouts

Additional Modules For Fast Track Members

While the blogger course is perfect for bloggers of all levels, as a beginner you will want to get to grips with all the other crucial elements of building a successful blog - you may not even have your blog online yet. Get the extra knowledge you need, alongside the marketing strategies with our Fast Track additional resources.

Imagine having a checklist for starting your blog the right way, or that you could use to audit your current blog and fix the problems that are holding you back. The Start a Blog module offers detailed explanations of every step to help you identify exactly what you need to do to make your blog work.

  • Overcome Technical Challenges: Easy to follow step-by-step guide for getting your blog online

  • Create a professional, memorable blog design

  • Blog Launch Strategy

Secure your first unpaid campaigns. Learn how to pitch brands for barter / exchange based campaigns where you exchange blogger content for free experiences, hotels, products, etc. Includes "Fill in the blanks" pitching templates and detailed guidance on every element of getting into unpaid campaigns - your stepping stone to paid campaigns.

  • Build Your Travel Resume - Exchange blogging for free travel to build your experience working with brands and create more opportunities and content for your blog

  • Step-by-step tutorials on pitching companies

Success Stories

  • This course has helped me strongly define my blog brand which in turn led to my being approached by a media company offering me both expense paid, and actual payment for reviewing properties and training their team members. Matt Gibson’s talk and templates were invaluable for helping me understand how to price and negotiate these services.
    Annette Jones Annette Jones World Travel Tribe
  • Learning how to improve my affiliate marketing has already resulted in an increase in revenue which has paid back the price of joining the course, many times over! After performing a stocktake on old content that I updated using tips from the SEO talks, I was thrilled to see many key posts shoot to #1 on google and a corresponding increase in traffic.
    Julie Dawn Fox Julie Dawn Fox Julie Dawn Fox In Portugal
  • Scott Eddy’s talk gave us the much needed push to really pursue monetizing our blog. We’ve seen some great results even though we only blog part time. Although we were brand new to blogging in 2016, the SEO talks have seen us grow domain authority from zero to 23, and we’ve also seen a consistent traffic increase over time from targeting specific keywords.
    The pitching course and campaigns module helped us save over $1,000 on our big trip last year, as well as building our experience working with brands. Across the board, speakers shared their strategies with full transparency which gave us a real insider view of an industry we were only just starting out in.
    Carrick Buss Carrick Buss Along For The Trip
  • I have gone from 40 email subscribers ever, to 170 since commencing the email marketing module just 3 weeks ago.
    There is so much practical information in this course that I now have a massive list of over 40 tasks that I am going to implement.
    I have learned so much. Its incredible! How to write better headlines, how to market my content, how to use affiliate links, how to engage with brands, setting up an email funnel and email sequences – and it goes on and on!
    Melissa Delaware Melissa Delaware Thrifty Family Travels

Learn From These Industry Experts

Both packages include detailed video talks by leading travel bloggers and industry experts. These are the pros who have achieved success by implementing the very tactics you will learn in the course

Syed Balkhi

Multi 7 figure business owner and co-founder and CEO of OptinMonster.

Talk Topic: How to rapidly grow your email list

Natalie Sisson

No #1 bestselling author, podcaster & speaker. Suitcase Entrepreneur

Talk Topic: Launch Strategy. Launch Your Blog & Products

Sharon Gourley

6 Figure Travel Blogger & SEO Expert at

Talk Topic: Content Marketing For Profit

Scott Eddy

Top 5 Social Media Influencer In Travel - Scott on Twitter

Talk Topic: Social Media / Branding

Yeison Kim

Zero to 6 figures in 3 years. From

Talk Topic: Building Lasting Partnerships

Amanda Ponzio Mouttaki

6 Figure Blogger & Food Tour Owner at MarocMama

Talk Topic: Running a Tour Business

Alexandra Jimenez

6 Figure Blogger with highest traffic blog for female travelers at

Talk Topic: Monetize Your Email list

Nick & Dariece

6 figure bloggers at Goats on the Road

Talk Topic: Affiliate Sales

  • Meg Jerrard - Mapping Megan - Make Money From Every Blog Post
  • Natalie & Rob - Love & Road - Break Into Work With Tourism Boards
  • Tim Leffel - Perspective Travel - Find Freelance Writing Work
  • Christina Tunnah - World Nomads Insurance - Affiliate Strategies
  • Richelle Gamlam - Adventures Around Asia - Email Profits With a Small Audience
  • Norah Dunn - The Professional Hobo - Freelance Writing Basics
  • Matt Gibson - Expat Matt (President of Professional Travel Bloggers Association) - Selling Services To Tourism Boards
  • Alexis Teichmiller - Convertkit - Streamlined Email Marketing
  • Erin & Josh Bender - Travel With Bender - Working With Brands

  • Jeannine Crooks - AWIN (leading affiliate platform) - Highly Effective Affiliate Implementation
  • Alejandro Nuñez - Mi Viaje por el Mundo (Latin America's Top Travel Blog) - Facebook Advertising
  • Janet Newenham - Journalist on the Run - Social Media Viral Strategies
  • Michele Linn - Content Marketing Institute - Content Marketing Strategy
  • Louise Cottrell - - Pinterest Traffic & Growth
  • Curtiss Hayden - Skytemple Design Studio - Copywriting & Headlines
  • Janet Murray - Soulful PR - Mass Media Exposure
  • Chris Stevens - Backpacker Banter - Get Brand Sponsorships
  • Gloria Atanmo - The Blog Abroad - Engaging Writing & Exposure Strategies

Hi! We’re Tommo and Megsy, full time travel bloggers, podcasters and hosts of the annual Travel Blog Virtual Summit! Visit our blog at

We’ve brought together some of the top influencers in the travel blogging community, to give you the most beneficial and actionable strategies available — to direct and inspire you to bring your travel blog business to the next level, no matter where you are in the world.

We've Been Featured In:

More Testimonials

Geert Leysen Geert Leysen, Inspiring Travellers

A lot of travel bloggers go to TBEX for learning how to monetize their blog, I can honestly say that the Travel Blog Monetization Course offers a lot more insights and practical advice for your buck.

Carlie Galloway Carlie Galloway, A Cajun In Cali

Within minutes of starting the first video I was blown away by the content! I cannot say enough about the value of this course and would pay double what I paid just to get this much-needed education! A huge thanks to Tom & Megs for sharing their knowledge and time!

Kerri McConnel Kerri McConnel, Beers & Croissants

I am literally up to my eyeballs in notes, actions, things to think about. Best course I've ever been on and I'm only on module 2. Well done

Josh Bender (2016 Speaker) Josh Bender (2016 Speaker), Travel With Bender

The content covered in Travel Blog Monetization Course by real-life expert travel bloggers is priceless. I wish I had access to all this when I started my travel blogging career. It will help beginners leapfrog their competition, and experienced bloggers are sure to find golden nuggets that will take their businesses to the next level

Gemma Hilton-Tapp Gemma Hilton-Tapp

The thing I love and respect about you both (Tommo & Megsy), is that you provide so much actionable information. Most other courses give broad tips, but you go the extra mile to provide clear examples, lots of detail and most importantly, actionable steps that we can take to achieve that goal. Very few other courses I've taken do that to the same level and quality that yours does!

I think that if someone buys only one course during their blogging career, it should be this one

Allison Yeager Allison Yeager, Bit Of Adventure

I've been working to create a solid travel blog concept for close to year, trying to hash out all the details and get all my ducks in a row. I’ve looked at other programs, but this is the first that's advertised - and actually provided - exactly what I've been looking for.
So thank you for giving us clear, actionable steps and super solid videos that provide useful information, and not a simple rehash of stuff I'd already figured out ages ago. This is real info from people that have been there, done that


Included With All Packages

Choose from our 2 packages depending on where you are in your blogging journey.
Remember, with both packages you get the following:

  • Stay On Track

    Tick off and track lesson progress

  • Industry Experts

    Top influencers openly share their monetization methods

  • Facebook Group

    Get questions answered by us and the community

  • Email Support

    Get tech problems fixed by emailing us direct

  • Mobile Friendly

    Simple training interface works on all devices

  • Easy Payment

    Pay securely with Paypal (Major Credit cards accepted – no paypal account req’d)

  • Lifetime Access

    One off payment for complete, unlimited course access

  • 100% Top Rated

    Tried and tested course with proven success

It's Time To Create A Travel Blog Income That Can Support Your Ideal Travel Lifestyle - Whether that's living out of a backpack, emigrating to Mexico or just working from home and taking much longer vacations!

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7 Day Guarantee (Black Friday Deal Guarantee)

We are 100% confident you are going to walk away happy with what you learn.

But, for your peace of mind we also have a 7-day, FULL refund policy. If you don’t get the value that you expected from the course, or change your mind, let us know why and we’ll give you your money back, no matter the reason.

SALE DEAL: Get The Combined Blogger & Fast Track Package - one price $67

Blogger Package

This package is for you if… You already have a blog and earn up to $1,500 Per Month

  • STAGE 1: Branding & Development Modules. Build Your Complete Travel Blog Brand Business Using Our Templates
  • STAGE 2: Monetization Strategy Modules. 20+ Hours Of Guest Speaker Training, Cheat Sheets & Actionable Strategies
  • STAGE 3: Marketing. 20+ Hours Of Guest Speaker Training & Supporting Material / Action Plan Templates
  • Step By Step Action Plans At End Of Each Module
  • Track Course Progress. Tick Off Completed Lessons. Return Anytime
  • Monetization Community - Secret Facebook Group
  • Works On All Devices
  • Stream All Training Videos (Podcast Download Versions Also Available)
  • Instant Lifetime Access To All Content & Updates To Above Modules

RRP $447


SUPER SALE: Get Blogger Package & Fast Track Package, one price $67 ->

Fast Track Package

This package is for you if… You don’t have a blog, or your blog normally earns $0 a month

  • Everything From The Blogger Package
  • How To Start A Travel Blog: Step By Step Process To Getting Your Blog Online
  • Pitching Masterclass Course ($157 When Sold Seperately) - 4 Modules To take You From Novice To Pitching Pro - Get Your Travel Experiences, Accommodation etc For Free In Return For Blog Content
  • All Our “Fill In The Blanks” Pitching Templates - Get A “Yes” From Day One
  • Grow Your Travel Resumé By Working* With Companies - Even If You Are New (*Barter Exchange)
  • Personalized Email Feedback On The "Travel Blog Business Plan" You Will Create In The Branding Module
  • BONUS: Launch Strategy Module. Launch your blog with a bang!

RRP $627



Fast Track & Blogger Package

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I don’t have a blog / audience. Will this course work for me?

If you are new to blogging, it’s actually the ideal time to get blogger training. Having the opportunity to understand how to build a profitable blog from the ground up is going to save you sooooo much time in the long run. Get it right first time and you won’t have to spend months or more fixing past mistakes. Fast Track is the best option for newbies.

I already tried to monetize, but it didn’t work.

This is why we enlisted top speakers for this course – people who are making travel blog monetization work. The proven methods that you will learn are better than any free resources you’ll find online. Most new members start to see what they were doing wrong previously, and those who put the time in start to see results.

What if i change my mind after purchase, or the talks are not what I expect? Refund Policy

We are confident you will find value way beyond the ticket price. If you don’t feel you have, we’ll happily send you a 100% refund so long as you notify us within 30 days of purchase.

Do I need to travel regularly to make money as a blogger?

No. Some of the most successful travel blogs are actually those that focus on where they live – rather than destinations around the world. Both being a local expert, or living out of a suitcase or anything in between can work. The best thing is that being a travel blogger can make your income more flexible so you can travel more. But starting with your own region is fine.

How long are the training videos?

The main guest speaker talks are each 45 to 75 minutes per talk. We worked very hard to make each talk information dense. We cover A LOT in the allotted time for each video.

How is the course structured?

The course is broken into multiple modules. Each module covers a particular focus area that is important for the business of blogging. Some modules can be studied “standalone” others have pre-requisites. Each module contains a foundation section to get you up to speed before hitting the main training. The order in which you study will be assessed during the welcome module – where you’ll learn more about where you are as a blogger and what you still need to learn.

I don’t have much free time to study? Will I be able to keep up?

The course is self-paced so you can study as and when you need to. Like anything in life, the more time you put in, the faster you can get results. You decide how important succeeding at travel blogging is to you. We offer tips in the Welcome Module & course welcome email series on finding more time to succeed.

Each module is broken into bite-size sections, and you can record your progress inside the system easily so you can spread out the study as needed.

Furthermore, if you already put many hours into your blog, but are not seeing financial results… Stop! Stop wasting time on methods that are not working. Put that time into studying what really works instead.

Can I Skip Modules or lessons?

At any point where skipping certain things may be appropriate, we explain if and why you might be able to skip. Instead of only supplying the minimum info on each topic, we’ve made this course comprehensive to cover all bases and ensure users of any knowledge level can find the answers they need.

How long will the course take to complete?

The course is designed as a guide to growing your blog. So you’ll be taking what you learn and implement it every step of the way. So the total time is down to your own learning speed.

For Beginners:

As a guideline, the full course has approximately 45 hours of video training – this can be studied at regular speed, or you can watch at increased speed, making the commitment closer to 30 hours. You can also study the podcast version of many of the videos, giving you more flexibility for when you study to make the most of your time. There is also additional written training amounting to about 8 hours of study.

So a typical member could complete the educational part of the course in about 40 hours of study – if speeding up video content.

We chose to build a comprehensive, actionable course, rather than an overview course. So our training is longer than most courses but offers a lot more of the essential details that other courses leave out.

We believe the time you will save not having to search endlessly for additional info will more than outweigh the extra time you need to spend studying.

For Intermediates:

You should be able to complete the course much quicker if you already know the basics of travel blogging.

Is My Payment Secure?

All credit/debit cards & Paypal payments are processed securely through the Paypal system – an industry leading payment system. You do not need to be a Paypal member to pay through their system.

Paypal has varying policies worldwide – if you are attempting to purchase from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, you may encounter trouble making a payment. Please contact us for assistance

Technical stuff confuses me, will I be able to apply what I learn in the course?

The technical side of blogging has become easier and easier over the years as the technology to support blogging has been improved and simplified. For the few essentials that require technical skills, we give additional training or provide further resources.

Can I change my package after I've purchased?

YES. This black friday deal already includes our full package and all available resources. But if new modules are released in future, you will have the option to upgrade.

How long will it take me to monetize my blog?

This depends on how much time you put in, how closely you follow the training material and how much traffic and audience you already have.

If you already have a solid audience then you could be making more money the second you implement changes.

But, as a new blogger, do everything right and it’s actually possible to make money from the day you launch your first blog. However, that is a best-case scenario and very rare for newbies.

If you make a concerted effort to follow the training, launch your blog and implement the monetization strategies then it is realistic to see some income within 6 months. Then grow from there.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a model for building a sustainable online business. Currently, we are not aware of any travel blogger, whether from this course or learning on their own, ever going from zero to full-time income in less than 12 months. There is no such thing as an overnight success – most who proclaim it, already had a lot of business experience before launching new ventures.

*We do not guarantee results. This course is provided for information only based on the success of others. You are responsible for how you use that information.

Got a Question?

Click above to email us anytime.

We typically reply within 12-24 hours during business days.

More Happy Course Members...

Thomas Levine Thomas Levine, Travel Food Health

This course has changed my thinking and business plan. It has been the single most valuable thing I have done to make my blog work. From using the SEO section I have been watching my traffic go up day by day when before I completely failed in that category.

Richelle Gamlam (Travel Blog Summit Speaker 2017) Richelle Gamlam (Travel Blog Summit Speaker 2017), Adventures Around Asia

Compared to other courses like Travel Blog Success and talks at TBEX, I’ve found this course to be way more value for the money you spend. Since starting this course I’ve noticed an increase in affiliate sales and I got invited on my first press trip!

Lindsay Niemenen Lindsay Niemenen, Carpe Diem Our Way

This course was a GOLDMINE of information from bloggers who are out there DOING IT! Speakers are not hypothetical, they are open, honest and sharing their successes!

Sarah Hughes Sarah Hughes, Live Dream Discover

Just finished listening to the Goats On The Road talk, and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your insights and tips so freely. I am inspired and excited to grow my own affiliate sales! I've been blogging for 2 years and have decided this is the year I get serious and really start monetizing!

Ready to turn your blog into a thriving business?


Results from studying this course may vary. Every individual learns and comprehends in their own way and chooses to apply what they learn differently. We offer strategies that have been proven to work for many other professional bloggers but cannot guarantee they will work for every individual who attempts them.