Speakers For Travel Blog Virtual Summit 2017

This year’s summit will focus in depth on one of the most important topics that affects EVERYTHING about your blog’s financial success:


It’s an area of blog business that scares a lot of bloggers.

But effective marketing is not something to be feared – it’s actually an essential element to almost every successful blog. Learning how to market does not “Kill your credibility” or make you too “salesy” – unless you are doing it 1980’s car salesman style (Pro tip: Don’t do that).


Effective, modern content marketing is about knowing your audience (or future target audience), understanding what they want and communicating and engaging. Then using that connection to build trust and authority with your audience so they are genuinely confident and happy to buy things you recommend (whether that be through affiliate links on your blog, ebooks you sell, tours, or other types of products).

But marketing works on yet another level for monetization – brands and tourism boards who see you as creating a professional blog, with high quality, engaging content, will actively want to pay you to work with them. Why? Because brands and tourism boards know marketing – it’s what they do. If you can show you know marketing too, you’ll be leagues ahead of the swell of amatuer bloggers competing for paid work.

You’ll have the advantage, even before you have big stats and followers.

Don’t just be a photographer or writer – be an online marketer too and get the edge.

No matter how you want to make money, from working with tourism boards to watching passive income role in through affiliate sales – even if you plan to use your blog as a portfolio to get freelance work… Marketing will help you succeed.

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Key Topics For The Travel Blog Monetization Virtual Summit 2017

We’ll be breaking Travel Blog Marketing down into some key marketing topics:

Content Marketing

So, you know what blog content is? But what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable, relevant content which can drive revenue.

The key words that amateur bloggers are not enacting effectively are “strategic” and “revenue”. Without a strategy to what you post on your blog, and without specific revenue in mind as a goal, your content maybe useful, but it won’t make you much money, if any.

Rookie Mistake: Thinking that content marketing has to be all “selling”. Your overall content plan should be growing your brand strategically towards revenue. People want to buy, they don’t want to be sold. Don’t sell to them, help them make purchase decisions through engaging content.

This year’s summit will teach you how to

  1. Design a consistent content plan that will grow your brand and impress prospective clients (like tourism boards).
  2. Attract and engage more readers.
  3. Use your content to make money.
  4. Understand how other bloggers make money through content (what are bloggers selling and how)
  5. And more!

Marketing Funnels

Being able to write good content is just the start. Great content can engage, but then what?

  • How do you make money from people enjoying your content?

Your blog content is your first stage of engagement. It’s the top of your “marketing funnel”.

But to turn casual readers into followers, and then customers, you need a process.

Rookie Mistake: Starting a blog with no clear goals on how that blog will ultimately make money. If you don’t already have a brand and monetization business plan in place, then your revenue growth will be very slow, or be non existent.

This year’s summit will teach you how to:

  1. Design your funnel to turn readers into customer.
  2. Test your funnel for profit potential
  3. Improve and enhance your current or future sales process
  4. And more!


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way online to reach readers and make revenue. Social media also has a host of benefits, which we’ll explain below, but email is hands down WAY better for almost all forms of direct revenue generation.

Email will form an essential part of your marketing funnel, so designing an email strategy that fits your brand, helps your audience and generates revenue, can catapult you from zero to income very quickly – especially if your site already gets traffic.

Rookie Mistake: ONLY sending a monthly broadcast (newsletter), rather than creating an automated engagement series.

This year’s summit will teach you how to:

  1. Create a revenue generating email list – with set and forget automation.
  2. Get more subscribers.
  3. Provide information that makes you money, and helps your readers without alienating them.
  4. Understand advanced techniques to optimize your current list, or future list.
  5. And more!

Social Media Marketing

Unlike email, social media gets relatively low engagement and is nowhere near as effective for direct sales.

That said, it has many benefits: Brands love it (so you can get more paid campaigns and sell advertising). Daily posting keeps you actively in the mind of followers – without being intrusive. It’s a better forum for interactivity with your followers. Strategic use of social can help you grow your blog and generate more traffic (which in turn helps you grow your email list to generate revenue.)

This year’s summit will teach you how to:

  1. Get more followers and higher engagement.
  2. Generate more traffic from social to your blog.
  3. Learn the top methods for getting influencers to share your stuff.
  4. Monetize your social media accounts.
  5. And more!


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  • This is a “Virtual” summit: attend online from anywhere. Lifetime access to all replays and content.

Confirmed Speakers For 2017

More speakers will be announced as we get closer to the start of the summit.

Syed Balkhi – Multi 7 Figure Business & Marketing Genius

Syed Balkhi is the co-founder and CEO of OptinMonster. Prior to OptinMonster, he founded WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. He is an award-winning entrepreneur with several 7-figure online businesses. He was recognized as the top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by the United Nations.

Lead generation is Syed’s core expertise, so he can help you massively grow your email list and he’ll be sharing his absolute best strategies at Travel Blog Virtual Summit 2017.

Talk Topic: How to rapidly grow your subscriber list with revenue generating leads

Sharon Gourlay – 6 Figure Travel Blogger & SEO Expert

Back in 2015 Sharon was just starting to make enough blog income to live on the road. 2 years later and she’s transformed her blog into a 6 figure business. Choosing exactly the right content to publish which can get her traffic and help her generate revenue has been a cornerstone to her rapid growth.


Talk Topic: CASE STUDY: Creating a content marketing plan for more traffic & revenue



Scott Eddy – Top 5 Social Media Influencer In Travel

Scott is the individual travel influencer with more social following than many major brands, like CNN travel. With a combined social following (Twitter & Instagram) coming close to 1.5 Million, built in less than 5 years, Scott knows social.


Talk Topic: How to develop lasting relationships with brands & influencers via social media (Working title subject to change)


Yeison Kim – 6 Figure Travel Blogger From mytanfeet.com

Yeison and his partner Samantha started mytanfeet in mid-2013. They learned wordpress from scratch and built the blog out of nothing. They recently announced 2016 as their first 6 figure year – with a large proportion of their income being passive (through content marketing, email and affiliate sales).

Zero to 6 figures in just over 3 years? Yeison joins the summit to explain how their content marketing and funnels work to create that much revenue.


Talk Topic: CASE STUDY: Turning readers into customers – The My Tan Feet marketing funnel

Alexandra Jimenez – 24,000+ email subscribers – TravelFashionGirl.com


Alexandra knows who she is marketing to, and how to give them what they want – which means revenue for her. With 24,000+ email subscribers she’s created email sequences that generate money on autopilot through a variety of exciting and ingenious ways.


Talk Topic: CASE STUDY: Engage and profit via email (Autoresponders & Broadcasts)


Alexis Teichmiller – Email Marketing is her business – Convertkit

Alexis is one of the lead experts from our preferred email marketing platform. Convertkit is email marketing designed specifically for bloggers. Alexis will be hosting an advanced level talk to take your email marketing out of the dark ages (I’m speaking to you, mailchimp users) and into the future.

Alexis is also travel/lifestyle blogger as well as the host of The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast. Helping entrepreneurs tell their story and grow their businesses are two of her biggest passions.

Talk Topic: Advanced email segmentation, tagging and automation – Take your email marketing to the next level

Richelle Gamlam – You don’t need a huge blog to make money

Richelle finally implemented an email marketing strategy to her blog in late 2016 and has proven that simply by getting started she could earn an extra $600 a month from a simple email sequence.

The hardest dollar you will ever earn online is your first dollar. So if you are feeling overwhelmed at how far you still need to go, Richelle will share the strategy which will show you success is closer than you think.


Talk Topic: CASE STUDY – How to make email marketing revenue with small traffic


Nathan Sado – Help Other Bloggers Rapidly Grow Social Followers

As well as being an experienced travel blogger, Nathan has built a social media business out of helping other bloggers grow their following and engagement using automation. “Automation” may be the dirty word that old skool bloggers turn their noses up at, but wait until you see the results…


Talk Topic: From zero to thousands of engaged social followers in 3 months – The power of automation

Janet Newenham – How to monetize and grow your social media channels

Janet is a freelance journalist and travel blogger from Cork, Ireland who has been running her blog Journalist On The Run for over 5 years. Janet has had to change direction over the last 24 months as social media has grown more important than ever and has since grown her social media channels rapidly. She is now keen to share her monetization tips with others, from creating viral Facebook content to taking over some of the world’s biggest Instagram accounts….and getting paid for it.

Journalist On The Run

Talk Topic: Massively increase your social reach, get influencers to share your content and get more followers


Alejandro Nuñez – Use FB ads to find new readers and boost your email lists

Alejandro is a Mexican, writer and traveler. The last few years he has been spending thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads to promote his blog and products, he will be talking about  how to make your publications reach millions of people by spending a only few dollars and how to get the best ROI from your ads while promoting an article with affiliate links or focused on growing your email list.
Mi Viaje por el Mundo (My Trip for the World)

Talk Topic: TBC

Michele Linn – Content Marketing: What is it? And why is it important in blogging?

Michele is the Senior Editorial Director at Content Marketing Institute. Her passion is providing practical and approachable advice to content marketers while helping them create the life they want to have. Michele has published hundreds of articles on the topic and loves sharing ideas and helping content marketers.

Talk Topic: Content Marketing – The first step to growing your audience, converting readers into followers and creating future customers.


Louise Cottrell –

Pinterest Traffic & Revenue

Expat, traveler, digital nomad. Louise Cottrell, the founder of Travel Pinners, is a leading expert in generating referral traffic and building community on Pinterest for travel and tourism websites

Topic: Pinterest Traffic & Revenue: How to make Pinterest work for you

Meg Jerrard – Social Media Q&A

Meg from MappingMegan.com will be joining us for a LIVE Q&A session to answer all of your questions about social media marketing.


Tommo & Megsy – Your hosts – foodfuntravel.com

We are your hosts for this summit – as well as being experienced travel bloggers. We’ll be helping you get the most out of the summit, as well as taking you through all the foundation level content. We’ve been running email marketing campaigns for over 3 years for both our own blogs, and for clients. Our strong grounding in all things marketing will help us draw the best possible content out of our experts as well as share many of our own insights.


Talk Topics: We’ll be covering foundation talks on multiple topics so our expert guests can get straight to the juicy stuff.

Pre-Register FREE For Travel Blog Virtual Summit 2017 and be in with a chance to win 1 of 3 FREE All access, lifetime passes CLICK HERE

  • This is a “Virtual” summit: attend online from anywhere. Lifetime access to all replays and content.