SEO Crash Course

Do you wish that every time you publish a blog post you would get thousands of visitors to that post? Even a year or more later? That’s what high quality SEO will help you achieve.

Getting to Number 1 on google will make a huge difference to the amount of traffic your travel blog gets – and as you may realise by now, traffic can equal money, once you understand how to monetize that traffic correctly.

Google is the number one traffic generator online. So ranking for things users search is essential to the success of almost every online business – especially blogs.

In this video screencast I demonstrate the fastest and easiest way for SEO newbies to find the right keywords for their blog. The ones that will really make a difference and draw in traffic – as well as being words that smaller / newer blogs can actually compete for against bigger websites.

With over 3.5 billion google searches happening every day, there are still a lot of keywords out there that new blogs can rank for! Now you just have to find the right ones. Get started below:

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In the full Travel Blog Monetization course, we provide in-depth training to turn you from SEO novice to google ranking expert.

In our SEO module, you will find 4 Hours of detailed video demonstrations, including:

  • How to correctly place keywords in your articles so they have the biggest impact on your google rank
  • How one of our mini blogs get’s over 40k page views per month with a domain authority of only 9, and only 8 articles published – Yes, small domain sites can rank if you do good on page SEO
  • Detailed, travel blogger specific training on using all the powerful functionality of keysearch to find the best keywords
  • How to create a longtail keyword super strategy
  • And WAY more

Plus, of course, all the other monetization and marketing modules that are included with the full course so you can learn how to maximize revenue from the new traffic you will generate.

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