What's The Secret To Getting Noticed As a Blogger?

It's Branding...pure and simple

Branding is more than just a name and a logo. Much more.

Nike isn’t just a "swoosh" - they’re a sports lifestyle brand. A community. Passionate about creating consistently professional quality footwear.

  • A great brand helps you stand out in a crowded space

    Be unique. Become engaging.

  • A great brand helps you foster trust

    The secret sauce to turning visitors into customers.

  • A great brand clearly connects with your target audience

    Capture attention within seconds of users discovering you.

  • A great brand consistently provides what your audience wants

    This creates brand loyalty & more followers.

Most Importantly...

A Brand That Makes More Sense, Makes More Money

In Branding Masterclass, follow an actionable system to create (or improve) your ideal niche brand

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A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

- Seth Godin


Course Goals

  • Learn how to create the right niche brand for your personal unique skill set.
  • How to test your ideas for profit potential - before investing huge time in launching.
  • Define your perfect target customer and create a brand they’ll be addicted to.
  • Already launched? Audit your current brand and assess options for re-branding / improving.
  • Create a personalised brand business plan (Template Included) you can refer back to as you grow & implement.

Inside The Course

Easy To Follow Course Structure (Tick As You Complete)

45 Minute Video Interview With Scott Eddy - Top Social Influencer (1m+ Followers)

All You Need To Create (Or Fix) Your Brand

Section #1 Understand The Basics of Branding

Understand the basics of Branding – What is branding, why do you need it and what does good branding look like.

Section #2 Develop Your Personal Brand with Mr Scott Eddy [45 Min VIDEO]

Understand why your personal brand is so important and to help you define or refine your own personal brand to represent yourself in the best possible way.

Section #3 Discover The Brand Ideas For You

- Identify your personal, and brand, goals.

- Form an understanding of you own strengths & passions

- Get a broad picture of the types of products and services that exist in the travel market


Section #4 Test brand ideas for profit potential

- Understand how your brand leads your monetization strategies

- Research those ideas to test if they have a market and profit potential

- Narrow down ideas to one specific niche (or a few final ideas)

Section #5 Define your brand & test your concept

- Define your perfect customer (Template included)

- Define Your Brand Mission

- Finalize your name, logo, tagline

- Finalise your brand business plan (Template included)

- Test your brand ideas

Also Learn:

  • Why branding is so important for making money
  • What the top bloggers are doing right today
  • Simple but powerful things you can do immediately to build a better brand - no excuses!
  • How to define a blogger personality that actually work
  • What is a "niche" and why bloggers in 2009 didn’t need one, but today, you do!
  • How to select the right niche for you
  • How to start validating if your brand idea has profit potential
  • Understand The “What”, “Why" "where" And "Who" of successful branding
  • What makes a good homepage
  • How to get over your fear of "selling"
  • How to use monetization strategies as a guide to finding a profitable brand idea
  • How to finally create a successful mission statement and define your brand

Some of Our Happy Customers

Scott Eddy’s talk gave us the much needed push to really pursue monetizing our blog. We’ve seen some great results even though we only blog part time.

Carrick Buss
Carrick Buss Along For The Trip

I've been spending a lot of time (again) in the branding module this week to re-brand my site. It's been brilliant, easy to follow and really helped me nail it properly this time, rather than a broad niche I have really narrowed it down.

Annette Jones
Annette Jones World Travel Tribe

"Like most bloggers out there, I had a mini crisis when it came to branding and my niche. Over the years I'd developed a few different 'sub-niches' that I didn't know how to string together. This Branding Course was perfect for not only helping me realize how to settle on a distinct niche, but learning how to monetize that niche as well. After just the first half of the course I already had a whole list of monetization strategies that fit my brand, my personality, and my strengths. I definitely recommend this course for anyone who is struggling to narrow down a niche, brand their site in a clear way, or monetize a brand they already do have."

Richelle Gamlam
Richelle Gamlam Adventures Around Asia

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Don't waste forever trying to "trial & error" your way to the perfect brand.

The Branding Masterclass will get you there quickly using an easy to follow step-by-step process

Sold Exclusively as part of the Paradise Pack

($97 When Sold Separately)