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Is your current blog failing to make over $1000 per month?

Confused about how to make your blog into an effective brand?

Or just completely new to this and looking to build a professional blog brand that can actually become a full time business?

The Branding Action Plan Will Give You The Steps To Create Or Fix Your Brand

Included In The Action Plan:

  • Why branding is so important for making money
  • What the top bloggers are doing right (Examples of good Travel Blog Branding and why they work)
  • Two simple but powerful things you can do immediately to build a better brand - no excuses!
  • How to define a blogger personality that actually works
  • What is a "niche" and why bloggers in 2009 didn’t need one, but today, you do!
  • How to select the right niche for you
  • How to start validating if your brand idea has profit potential
  • Understand The “What”, “Why" "where" And "Who" of successful branding
  • What makes a good homepage
  • How to get over your fear of "selling"
  • How to use monetization strategies as a guide to finding a profitable brand idea
  • How to finally create a successful mission statement and define your brand

Don't waste forever trying to "trial & error" your way to the perfect brand.

The Branding Action Plan will get you there quickly using an easy to follow step-by-step process

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Still On The Fence?

  • q-iconWhy only $7? Is this info any good?

    Yes the info is good and it will help you nail down the first stage of building, or fixing, your blog brand. In fact, this mini-course is worth way more than $7 – In business this is called a “loss leader”, supermarkets do this to get you through the door.

    They’ll have a few products selling at a loss or at cost. This gets customers through the door and once they are in the supermarket, they buy other things that they want – that’s where the supermarket makes profit.

    We can give this valuable information away for only $7 because the people who really want to succeed at travel blogging are going to invest in the full price course later, and those that don’t probably weren’t keen enough to succeed anyway – and we don’t really need people on the course that will just procrastinate and not take action, because they are the people who whinge months down the track that the course didn’t work – when actually they only logged in twice and then went and shared their travel photos on facebook to their 200 followers instead, hoping that would make them money… which it won’t.

    Once you log in and see just how valuable the $7 course is, you’ll understand that we know our stuff and that it’s worth investing in the full product. Yes, there is a full course 😉 If we didn’t make profit from this project, we’d close it down and spend our time making money elsewhere – we are in business after all.

  • q-iconWhy not just make this free if it’s to “get people through the door”?

    We already give a lot of content out for free. That’s an initial way to get people’s attention. If you are reading this, we got your attention, right?

    People assign less value to free stuff. They “just sign up” and never use the content (and hence never get results, plus we never get a chance to show them how we can help). But also, some people have already decided they will NEVER spend a dollar on anything. They’ll never buy the full course, so why bother even giving them the first stage for free?

    $7 is the perfect amount to weed out the freebie seekers, get the serious people to actually use the content and not just procrastinate, plus it’s cheap enough that it’s a no brainer. You won’t walk away because of the price.

    Your $7 purchase will really make a difference to your chance of blog success. It’s not the whole process, but it’s the essential 1st stage that can kickstart the process and give you the motivation to move forward.

  • q-iconCan I Get A Refund If I Don't Find This Useful?

    Yes! We have a 30 day refund policy on this.

    If you made it this far, you are clearly interested in building a travel blog business. So, we can’t imagine any way that you would not get more than $7 of value from this action plan.

    If you want a refund, all we ask is you tell exactly why you didn’t feel it was worth $7, then we’ll send the refund. You get the refund, whatever the reason is, we just want your feedback.

  • q-iconCan I upgrade to the full course after purchasing this?


    YES. The full course covers far more content with exact processes for traffic and monetization, so you can turn your newly developed brand into a money making business.

    You can upgrade using the “Purchase Full Course” links inside the members index (Next to each “start module” button.)

    BUT, enrollment to the full course only opens on a periodic basis. It will be closing again in November. Don’t miss your window to upgrade as we cannot promise how many months it will be before we begin enrollment again.

  • q-iconHow Long Will This Action Plan Take?

    Minimum 60 minutes. It could take a lot longer depending on how extensively you want to research your brand and profit options before deciding on your ideal brand (We suggest taking extra time to do this as it is the foundation of your blog business!)

    It’s worth your time!

Purchase Action Plan ($7)


Checkout is handled by Zaxaa. Pay by credit / debit card or paypal.
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