3 Simple Travel Blog Strategies – Zero to 6 Figures in 3 Years

In late 2013, Samantha & Yeison from Mytanfeet.com were just learning how to use wordpress to build a travel blog. By Jan 2017, they were declaring 6 figure profits for the calendar year 2016.

Their content marketing is non-salesy – yet they make almost all their revenue from sales.

How did they grow their income so fast? Yeison explains 3 of the core strategies they applied that most travel bloggers don’t.

In this video, learn:

  1. Why MyTanFeet’s affiliate strategy makes them more commission per sale
  2. How their “reverse” method to pitching has meant faster blog growth
  3. How they multiply most affiliate sales – sometimes by 4 times!


Zero to 6 Figures In 3 Years With A Travel Blog from Tommo & Megsy on Vimeo.

Yeison Kim – MyTanFeet.com

Speaking at Travel Blog Virtual Summit 2017:

CASE STUDY: Direct Affiliate Partnerships – Inside A 6 Figure Travel Blog

Learn how to market your blog to companies to form direct partnerships. This talk explains how Yeison has built a 6 figure business by growing a network of direct affiliate partnerships with companies all over costa rica – and how you can use his unique strategy to build partnerships elsewhere in the world.

In Yeison’s Full 1 Hour Talk You Will Learn:

  • Pitch direct affiliate partners
  • Make sure you get paid every time you help partners sell
  • Multiply your affiliate revenue from every sale using email marketing

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